Our Story

Asia Hall grew up in Los Angeles California romanticizing western culture & dreaming of the countryside. Summers consisted of family road trips to Sequoia, line dancing in Pismo and working as a camp counselor in Germany.

During college Asia attended a  country music festival and wanted to create something for the crowd to keep the party going even after sunset. 

Knowing that neon signs are symbolic in country music for having memorable nights. Asia envisioned wearable cowboy hats inspired to glow like neon signs.

-

Finding it challenging to fit within traditionalism. Asia wanted to create a western brand that would unite an inclusive country culture.  Neon Cowboys represents today's generation of Americana youth by bringing fun, memory-making illuminated products to the market. 

Since its inception, Asia is continuously evolving and expanding the Neon Cowboys® brand to include more wearable tech pieces. Stay tuned for what’s next; you never know what new ideas she’ll wrangle up.