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"Lone Ranger, Party of 1"

Authentic light up cowboy hats that glow in the dark like neon signs. These wearable tech cowboy hats will have you glowing from dusk to dawn. During the day these hats are bright neon colors available in Pink, Blue, & White. Once the sun sets you can hit the on/off button inside of the crown to illuminate the entire cowboy hat. The hats glow bright for 9 - 12 hours and can be recharged using a USB charger (included in each purchase). The neon lights have three different light settings so you can decide "how you like to party"

  • Hats have 3 different light speeds : Solid, Blinking, Flashing
  • Only "One Size" (Up to 7 3/8 : 23 inches) - Resizer padding included to fit smaller heads
  • Rechargeable USB battery (charger included) : charge lasts 9 - 12 hours
  • Lightweight (11.5 Ounces), Water Resistant, UV Protected & Breathable Ventilation Holes
  • Patent Pending. Wearable Technology