Twin Artists Simi Haze Glow in Neon Cowboys Hats

Twin Artists Simi Haze Glow in Neon Cowboys Hats

Simi Haze, twin sisters who form the musical duo, glowin' in a recent photoshoot by Galore magazine.

Twin Artists Simi Haze Glow In Neon Cowboy Hats

In addition to the photos, Galore included an interview of the sisters by the sisters.

Twin Artists Simi Haze Glow In Neon Cowboy Hats

Simi: Would you say there’s a common theme in stuff that we do?

Haze: For sure. In any of our art practices in general, even throughout school, there’s always intention and themes of identity and self, and how it relates to the larger picture of the world and how everything is essentially interconnected.

Simi: True. One thing great art, music, and architecture has in common is truth.

Haze: What is the most important thing you’ve learned throughout your work in all media?

Simi: I think, to consume information from unusual resources. In the end everything connects and the more connections you make the more interesting your work will become. Also, I’ve learned that most of the time limitations encourage creativity.

 Twin Artists Simi Haze Glow In Neon Cowboy Hats

For the full interview, check out the article on Galore's website. Credits below for photos from the shoot.


Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford at LMC Worldwide

Photographic Assistant: Thad Medford

Stylist: Toni-Blaze at LMC Worldwide

Fashion Assistant: Jessica and Steph Oldfield

Make Up Artist: Bea Sweet at LMC Worldwide using MAC Cosmetics

Make Up Artist Assistant: Rebecca Davenport

Hair Stylist: Kieron Lavine

Hair Stylist Assistant: Aaliyah Stoby

Manicurist: Michelle Humphrey at LMC Worldwide using Models Own

Set Designer: Aidan Zamiri

Assistant: Evie Somerfield

Production: Luke Miley for LMC Worldwide


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