Neon Cowboys® Hat

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Yup, these are actual light up cowboy hats that glow in the dark like neon signs! ☺

Our patent pending hats are THE perfect accessory for any concert, night time adventure or fun night in.

So GiddyUp & #LightUptheParty!

  • Hats have 3 different light speeds : Solid, Blinking, Flashing
  • Only "One Size" (Up to 7 3/8 : 23 inches) - Resizer padding included to fit smaller headsNeonCowboysHatSize
  • Rechargeable USB battery (charger included) : charge lasts 9 - 12 hours
  • Lightweight (11.5 Ounces), Water Resistant, UV Protected & Breathable Ventilation Holes
  • Patent Pending. Wearable Technology