Neon Cowboys Hats, light up cowboy hats that glow like neon signs. Triple Threat is our 3 hat package.

Neon Cowboys® Hats

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Hat Features

• 3 Light speeds : Solid, Blinking, Flashing
• One Size (Up to 7 3/8 : 23 inches) Resizer padding included to fit
• Rechargeable USB (included) : 9-12hrs
• Lightweight, Water Resistant, UV Protected & Breathable Ventilation Holes
• Patent Pending. Wearable Tech.

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Major Party Packs

Make your big night one to remember! With our 20 hat deal you can light up any event. Perfect for : 

Pilgrim Purple

Finally the color ya'll 've been waitin' for. Our Limited Edition purple hats are scheduled to arrive September '18.


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